6 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Online Presence

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This blog was last updated on March 10, 2021.

Not long ago, social media for businesses was considered optional. That’s no longer the case.

According to the latest statistics, there are over 4.5 Billion internet users. And over 3.8 Billion of those users have social media accounts.

You’re probably thinking, “Great, but how does that affect my business growth?”

The answer is, it doesn’t; unless you have an online presence. Even having a website alone is no longer enough if you want to take full advantage of the market penetration opportunities that an online presence affords you.

In fact, businesses that don’t have a strong social media online presence may be considered less often than the competition by their potential customers.

Social media has changed the way people view the world. If your company doesn’t have a social media online presence, then consumers may even question the legitimacy of your products or services.

Reputation management and online reviews no longer just “impact” your business, they can actually determine the ultimate success or failure of your business.

The importance of social media for small businesses is greater now than ever before. Small businesses have to market their products to compete, but it’s also important to monitor and track your progress to make any necessary adjustments to your strategy.

Once you’ve made the plunge into the social media landscape, it’s paramount to make sure that you’re seeing a good ROI (besides the positive branding that a social media presence will give you).

Here are six great tools to help you manage your social media online presence. And increase your chances of producing a positive ROI on your investment of time and financial resources.


HootSuite provides reports and analytical tools to help improve social media presence for small businesses. Business owners can get insights into LinkedIn page views, Twitter engagements, Facebook insights, and more.

Tweet Binder 

If you’re using Twitter to build a social media online presence, then Tweet Binder is a necessity. You can see anything from specific tweets, reports on who has contributed or engaged in certain tweets, and more. Any statistic you might need is in a report for Tweet Binder, so it’s a great social media tool for small businesses.


Mention will actually monitor the Internet for mentions of your business. Managing your social media online presence is easier when you know how much your product or service is getting mentioned across multiple platforms. The best part about Mention is it monitors and provides reports in real-time, so you can see how much exposure your business is getting at any time.


Depending on the type of business you have, and what you believe is the best social media platform for small businesses, you may have different data to analyze. Cyfe is one of the best ways to gather all of your statistics and display them on a custom dashboard for easy viewing. Having a complete summary of your social media online presence will save you a lot of time. If you need more analytics, Cyfe goes beyond the social media world as well. This is a tool any online business owner would benefit from.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service to help small businesses track their goals, social media traffic, and other online activity. Social media for small businesses isn’t the only online marketing strategy you should be using. With that in mind, Google Analytics can help track all aspects of your online business and website traffic.


Small businesses need to be able to engage and interact with their customers. One way to do that is by investing in Brandwatch. This tool will allow you to see when customers are having conversations about your product or service and you can join in if you wish.

Managing social media for small businesses can be a time-consuming process. However, with these social media online tools, you can build a social media online presence without having to spend all of your time online.

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