Mulligan Funding Demonstrates Commitment to Deal Transparency

Mulligan Funding is proud to be a member of the Innovative Lending Platform Association. The ILPA is dedicated to advancing the industry’s best practices, establishing standards that empower small business owners. Mulligan’s participation furthers their mission to put their clients first, ensuring entrepreneurs can better understand their finance options. 

In an interview with ILPA, David Leibowitz, CEO of Mulligan Funding, shared his view on the provision of small business financing.

“We at Mulligan Funding are big believers in the benefits of data and technology, and we’re constantly looking for ways in which to use that data and technology to streamline and improve the way we operate and function”, he tells ILPA.  But he goes on to say that “those technological adoptions, those benefits, need to be tempered because they don’t recognize the evolutionary hard wiring in human beings to look for relationships, to look for community, to look for a sense of belonging and networks and interaction”.

They are not mere providers of a commodity, but rather they’re partners to the entrepreneur, offering them a consultative approach that few other firms can match.

Taking this consultative approach in an ethical way is what attracted David to the Innovative Lending Platform Association (ILPA).  With their SMART Box transparent disclosure tool, ILPA is leading the way on small business lending transparency and best practices.

Setting ourselves apart from others, Mulligan Funding blends technological advancements with a human connection. We’re driving client savings by automating the back office of the funding process without sacrificing a person-to-person relationship with each.

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